LAND OF BONES is an epic, 4-part 1e (first edition) SOLO adventure roleplaying game campaign that can be played alone or traditionally with a DM/GM and several players. LAND OF BONES walks you through the rules in a simple and entertaining manner. You begin by creating 3-5 brand new player characters. LAND OF BONES is the 4-part adventure omnibus and OVERLORDS is the Old School-style SOLO RPG Rulebook. Also known as the Old School Solo System or OSSS! You can use traditional Advanced D&D rules, or we offer you a handful of new additions specifically designed for SOLO play.

The PCs are invited to investigate a series of strange and dangerous happenings that have taken place on the island known as Androtha. The PCs are shipped to Androtha to put an end to a series of mysterious events regarding the living dead. There is a prestige system built into the game that allows for (potential) numerous rewards and riches to be won ranging from land grants to personal strongholds, power, and more.

The milieu of LAND OF BONES is one filled with ghosts, evil spirits, and the undead. But LAND OF BONES is so much more than that. This epic SOLO campaign is divided into 4 parts.

We believe these 4 fantasy RPG adventure types are ideal to include in every epic RPG campaign.

1 - CITY / STATE (of Androtha)

2 - INNS & TAVERNS (of Androtha)

3 - WILDERLANDS (of Androtha)

4 - DUNGEONS (of Androtha)

LAND OF BONES is part linear and part sandbox adventure. You arrive at the southwestern corner of Androtha and make your way to the northeast corner of the island.

After you are shown your rooms at the Androtha Inn, the PCs are free to roam about the island at will.

Surviving PCs can ascend in experience levels from levels 1-8 or higher. There are both FIXED and RANDOM encounters that will allow your PCs to explore indefinitely. If the main goals are achieved, your PCs could be seen as LEGENDS OF ANDROTHA, which will bring you a step closer to creating your own empire!

Just some of the fun and exciting actions you can enjoy in this epic SOLO campaign are:

  • Gambling

  • Tavern Games

  • Sea Encounters

  • Inn & Tavern Encounters

  • City Encounters

  • Forest Encounters

  • Haggling

  • Trading & Selling

  • Bounty Hunting Fugitives

  • Rival NPC Groups

  • Factions

  • Guilds

and much more!

LAND OF BONES has been a side project of ours that we’ve been working on for at least three years now. All backers for this project are welcome to offer constructive ideas to help improve this product. We desire for the infrastructure, framework, and foundation of this project to be so strong that once published, no updates will be required.

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