3-28-2023-DEATH DEALERS COVER - Quick Rules Cover Preview

This is the cover to our 1e Solo rules system Adventure Quickstart portion of OVERLORDS. The art can be seen in the UPDATES section of the link below.

The title of this short adventure sample will be called DEATH DEALERS. This will be a very simple and intuitive walk through and guide that, once you’ve played it once, you will instinctively know how to handle every encounter you experience with any product you purchase in this campaign.

We have seen the name/term DEATH DEALER used many times over the decades. One of our associates reached out to the incredibly cool, nice, talented, and lovely Granddaughter of Frank Frazetta, Sara Frazetta. While the Frazettas do not own that name, she was kind enough to point out that MANY others have used that name and that we can use it if we choose. That said, if any LEGITIMATE entity that does own the rights to this name and asks us to change it, we will do so. Until that day happens, we will leave it as it is.

The artwork shown may be used or we might hire an artist with a particular style to do a new cover. If that should happen, we will use Luigi Castellani’s art (shown here) as a FULL PAGE ART SCENE. Art shown is massively cropped.

Now that we have things set up for this campaign, we will focus the majority of our attention on (trying our very best) getting this ADVENTURE QUICKSTART to you within the next couple weeks - HOPEFULLY!

Please continue to follow us along on our adventure so you can stay in the loop.
We think you will really like what’s coming very soon.

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