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For those that love trying new things and actually enjoy using your own brilliant STRATEGIES to bolster your in-game PRESTIGE and belt pouch with gold, this next short adventure uses the OVERLORDS 20-20 GRID. This grid is only to be used in special cases, and is NOT atypical of every map found in this massive campaign. This particular grid system has MANY uses and applications. It can generate random monster arrangements on battlefields, for wilderness encounters, dungeons, etc. It can generate DANGER ZONES such as PIT OR SPIKE TRAPS you must avoid to avoid injury, but in this case, we are going to use the 20-20 grid for you to CAPTURE A GHOUL!

First, you can see the overall artwork and view of the graveyard map. Second, there will be a map for you to mark Xs wherever you’ve planted a GHOUL TRAP you’ve bought from LUM’S EXOTIC EQUIPMENT. You can print this out on your home computer, or use a pencil and erase your markings later. Next, comes the fun part. To “imitate” the ghouls’ movements to try and rob this graveyard of corpses, you will make note of a 15-foot diameter around the areas where you (make an X) plant a ghoul trap.

Finally, you roll two 20-sided dice.
The first number indicates your HORIZONTAL roll result. The second 20-sided die roll indicates your VERTICAL roll result. You do this for each ghoul (another dice roll) that invades this graveyard. If your roll results come within the 15-foot diameter areas that surround where YOU CHOOSE TO LAY YOUR GHOUL TRAPS, that means you have successfully captured a ghoul.

1. Remember that your FIRST roll determines the HORIZONTAL (left-to-right numbers) result.

2. Your SECOND roll determines the VERTICAL (up and down numbers) result.
You then take those coordinates to determine your results.

FOR EXAMPLE, if there are 6 invading GHOULS, and your roll results are as follows, your result will be determined by your rolls. We will use the visual example provided with the five red Xs. These five red Xs indicate you bought and planted five ghoul traps anywhere you choose.

ROLL 1 - 07 & 08

ROLL 2 - 13 & 17
Miss. The ghoul avoided your trap.

ROLL 3 - 03 & 03

ROLL 4 - 20 & 07
Miss. The ghoul avoided your trap.

ROLL 5 - 19 & 15

ROLL 6 - 08 & 11
Miss. The ghoul avoided your trap.

In summary, you (hypothetically) bought 5 ghoul traps at 5 gp each, which cost your party 25 gp in total.
You captured (an incredible) 3 ghouls!

125 gp per ghoul x 3 = 375. - 25 for the traps, so you’ve just netted yourself a hefty 350 gp profit using your own strategy!
You also receive experience points for this, not to mention you get to kill the three ghouls that escaped your traps! Sounds like a fun night of adventuring to me. And the night is still young!

You do not have to use this system. You have the choice of lying in wait and ambushing these ghouls, but remember, Androtha is a land whose inhabitants follow some very bizarre rituals and trends. One of these trends are for the various “mad doctor” types that seek to study “living” ghouls, and the fact that most pay around 125 gp per captured ghoul. This could greatly increase your income at the earlier levels so you can buy or HAGGLE for better equipment, magic items, healing potions, etc.

To be clear, if a GHOUL TRAP COSTS 5 gp per trap, that is a total of 25 gp spent. Let’s say hypothetically that your party chips in and buys five traps (25 gp total) and you capture three ghouls, at 125 gp per ghoul, which is 375 gp. Your net profit could be 350 gp for a night of ambushing ghouls that h