Here is one ENEMY ATTACK TABLE. You can still back this on IGG with InDemand.

This is the most basic and is called into play when marching order, hiding behind cover, etc. are NOT an issue. This provides for an equal chance of your PCs getting attacked. This also works on the premise that you will have between 1-5 PCs in your party at any given time. But the accompanying text on the prior page (not shown here) will also have a table for if you have 6-10 characters in your party. This table is so simple but distributes attacks evenly, you will pick up on this almost instantly.

The following table determines which member of your party gets attacked.

Your COMBAT SHEET OR ATTACK SHEET (name not determined as of yet) will ask you to NUMBER every PC and/or NPC in your party. The reason for this will become evident very soon when you engage in your first battle. You can always change/rearrange the NUMBER assigned to any given character, and if/when a PC/NPC dies, you may often have to re-number your party members.


5 CHARACTERS (in your party)
001-020 - CHARACTER 1
021-040 - CHARACTER 2
041-060 - CHARACTER 3
061-080 - CHARACTER 4
081-100 - CHARACTER 5

4 CHARACTERS (in your party)
001-025 - CHARACTER 1
026-050 - CHARACTER 2
051-075 - CHARACTER 3
076-100 - CHARACTER 4

3 CHARACTERS (in your party)
001-033 - CHARACTER 1
034-066 - CHARACTER 2
067-100 - CHARACTER 3

2 CHARACTERS (in your party)
001-050 - CHARACTER 1
051-100 - CHARACTER 2

001-100 - TAKE A WILD GUESS!

Much more to come real soon. The WRITING, MAPS, and ART are almost all done for the quickstart short adventure DEATH DEALERS. The trickiest part is the numbering system and placing them accurately on the appropriate pages.

Thanks for helping this project out, and we are getting close to the $8,000 Stretch Goal as well!