6-2-2023-HEX NOTES

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Here we have a blank template for HEX NOTES for a FULL HEX. There are also HALF HEXES and QUARTER HEXES, and these templates will present themselves throughout the 4-part 1e SOLO adventure campaign LAND OF BONES.

FULL HEXES have 16 smaller, NUMBERED hexes found within the larger master hex. Within each of these smaller, numbered hexes, you will invariably come across both RANDOM AND FIXED ENCOUNTERS of every conceivable kind.

The reason the notes are numbered in such a way is that the way the WORLD MAP OF ANDROTHA was numbered was on an 18 inch by 12 inch master map.

This blank template acts as a mini-journal for you to record your adventures.

Our next update will show this exact template filled in so you can get an idea of how and what to put in your notes, so stay tuned!

The sample shown is in COLOR for any that have chosen the ADD COLOR option on either IGG or Game On.

Have a Great Weekend!

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